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Adopt the most appropriate sealing method for each product

Sealing plays an important role such as preventing deterioration of product features in manufacturing process. We adopt the most appropriate sealing method for each product including the press-fit type, the adherence type that uses melted brazing filler metal on a lid, resistance welding method that applies voltage for coherence, and seam welding method. In sealing, how to manage degassing is the key and our high technology is fully utilized there.

Voice from engineers

Hajime Matsui Quality and Technology Division, crystal devices

Always pursuing a setting of sensitive sealing condition

In order to improve accuracy of sealing, we try to set and maintain sensitive conditions of degassing and process design, while continuously searching for the best solution. Especially, as for degassing, you can degas more when you put more heat, but there is a risk that adherent filler would be melted before outgassing completely, so we are upgrading our know-how of setting a condition such as how we seal the product at the absolute edge of which these fillers do not start melting.
Hajime Matsui, Crystal Devices Department
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