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Precision Implementation

Precision Implementation

With micron accuracy and promptness

With the base of ultraprecise technology, our precision implementation technology occupies an important place among various technology fields, and is highly evaluated. We realize extremely high accuracy and promptness in the process of moduling, where semiconductor IC is placed on a glass epoxy substrate, electrode is connected and then it is broken into each piece after sealing. We carefully respond to customers' orders that require advanced technology and receive customers' reliance.

Voice from engineers

Yoichi Tatama, 2 Division the electronic device manufacturing

Sense of achievement and satisfaction from acomplishing tasks on a team

I feel sense of achievement and fulfillment most when we acomplish difficult tasks from a customer on a team. Also it attracts me that, in parallel with mass production, we can challenge test productions of our unique implementation technologies. While miniaturization of the products have been accelerated, further high precision is increasingly required, so I grind in implementation technology everyday.
Yoichi Tadama, Electronic Devices Department

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