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Material / Molding

Material / Molding

High precision molding utilizing the stlength of our ogininally designed mold tool

We are highly evaluated by the high precision molding technology that forms various shapes of ceramics from powders such as zirconia and alumina. Also we established molding technologies of tungsten and magnet. Through utilizing our strength of cultivated forming technology and own molding technology, we control it with micron accuracy on molding a product that is almost near net shape of the complete product. Mass production is also available.

Voice from engineers

Hiroshi Yoda, Ceramic Devices Department

How we can manage to mold a product with high accuracy and near net shape of the complete product

In case of molding materials by sinter, shrinkage ratio differs from each material, so technologies and know-how such as mold tool design that matches each material's attribute is necessary and we elaborate it. Also, we make efforts aiming at the best technology, considering how much we can mold the product in the near net shape is important in order to contribute reduction of labor and cost. When I obtain intended results through using past experience and knowledge, I feel very much rewarded.
Hiroshi Yoda, Ceramic Devices Department

Fundamental technology

  • Forming technology goods
  • Precision molded hole pitch
  • Forming multiple holes (hole forming continuous)
  • Fine material forming small hole
  • Forming thin
  • Extrusion
  • CIP forming
  • Forming density control
  • Forming anisotropic magnet

Please refer to the below PDF file for practical examples

Technology: Material / Molding (PDF file:81.5KB)

Facilities in our factory

Spray Dryer Molding powder Baking furnace
  • Ceramic Processing
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