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MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical System)


Forming technology of ultraminiature 3D structure, that is called as technology for the next generation

MEMS forms ultraminiature, high precision and high performance 3D structure by fully using microfabricating technology of semiconductors. It attracts attention as an upcoming technology from a wide variety of fields. We are able to give a consistent support to production that uses MEMS, from design and simulation to pre-production. As an example of past operations, we have results in TSV(Through Silicon Via:Si penetrating electrode) and rewiring technology. We are able to deal with various substrates such as Si and ceramics. As MEMS can integrate several functions, we will improve our technology to utilize it for production of more value-added products.

Voice from engineers

Kazuhiro Toriumi, Functional Devices Department

We want to pave the way with MEMS as a new technology

MEMS is said as an upcoming technology and there is a difficulty to establish a path from pre-production to mass production and commercialization as a business. Also it has another difficulty in production aspect that should have features as a decent product despite its quite minute structure. For that reason, there is a great appeal to produce minute functional components which conventional technologies can not realize. Furthermore, as it can contribute to our business in various ways, it is a great challenging assignment.
Kazuhiro Toriumi, Research & Development Department

Fundamental technology

  • Design / Simulation
  • Thin film (metal oxide film, polyimide film)
  • Photolithography
  • Etching Wet / Dry etching
  • Micro Blast
  • Junction
  • Blade dicing / laser dicing

Facilities in our factory

Spin coater, Spray coater, Double sided aligner, Developing device, Wet etching equipment, RIE system, ICP-RIE system, Ashing device, Sputtering equipment, TEOS-CVD system, Thermal oxidation furnace, Laser dicing system, Blade system

  • Ceramic Processing
  • Core technologies of Citizen Finetech Miyota
  • Technology Library Succeeding in various fields with original technologies