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  • High conversion efficiency
  • Compact and light-weight
  • Perfectly suit for medical use as well

It realized the green light which did not exist before  While inheriting goodness of semiconductor laser

There are red and blue in the light of semiconductor laser, but green did not exist. By adding green color, three primary colors of lights (RGB) are completed and provide wider range of image expressions. LN waveguide is the product that succeeded in creating green by using a material named LN instead of semiconductor laser. While utilizing good features of semiconductor laser, such as compact, low power consumption and superior in mass production as well as longer operating life, it enables to realize better image expressions by adding the green light.



  • High beam quality (Noise, distribution)
  • High conversion efficiency (Low power consumption)
  • Longer operating life
  • Compact and light-weight
  • For mini projectors and measurement device
  • Perfectly suit for medical use as well

Voice from engineers

Anzai Development Department

By adopting advanced method, we develop the product from undevelped to completed

At the beginning of development, I was so anxious because we had developed LN waveguide by using a method that no other manufactures had ever adopted. I have been conducted the development thinking "We never know the results unless we try", "It should be the correct way" and finally we succeeded in making the intended product. Experiencing difficulties, a great joy was brought when it was completed. This LN waveguide is a high precision product that can be applied to medical equipment.
Some process have been developed by a collaboration with the precision & electronics technology division of Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Centre, as a part of the regional innovation cluster program.
Gakuji Anzai, Research & Development Department

Specification in details

Material 5mol%MgO:LN
Corresponding wavelength (SHG) 488nm 532nm
Chip length 4mm~20mm
Chip width 0.7mm~2mm
Chip thickness 1mm
End-face coating Entrance & Exit faces AR coating
Conversion efficiency 28% at the input power 310mW
Suggested operating environment 20℃~60℃

Examples of applications

This product is used in the medical inspection devices and equipments that measure the gas in the air. Also it is available for the laser products such as laser TV and laser projector that are sold in a large market.

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