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Offer precise analysis that further improves on-site technologies

For promoting developments of new products as well as quality improvements of existing products and securement of reliability, support of in-house analysis technology is essential. Our analysis group conducts analysis on technological opportunities of developing new products and material and failure analysis on quality subjects for existing products. The database of assay result
would be accumulated for effective opperation. As products and analysis requirements are advanced, we communicate well with production site and provide accurate and prompt feedback. It contributes to improvement of development capacity and production technologies.

Voice from engineers

We want to improve quality and reliability by offering uncompromised in-depth analysis

Not just analyzing, we try to conduct uncompromising analysis in depth that improves on-site technologies. At present, we have been reinforcing analyzing devices for geometry observation of sample surface and componential analysis, and cross-sectional structure observation. Utilizing the past analysis know-how, we continue to support new product development and failure analysis. Also, in order to reply to increasingly complex analysis requirements on a team, we want to improve our analytical capability and reinforce analyzing devices.
Research & Development Department

Fundamental technology

Applications of Analysis

  • Failure analysis of components and products
  • Fine structure analysis of inorganic material
  • Analysis of organic material
  • Film characterization
  • Cleanliness evaluation of parts cleaning, and others

Facilities in our factory

Surface elemental analysis, Surface cross-sectional observation, Chemical bonding state analysis, Nondestructive internal observation, Chemical analysis and others

  • Ceramic Processing
  • Core technologies of Citizen Finetech Miyota
  • Technology Library Succeeding in various fields with original technologies