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Meet every need of customers through original core technologies and continuous challenges
Through the fusion of ultraprecise processing technology and assembly technology, we supply various products from high precision components including quartz, ceramics and magnets to liquid crystal devices, sensing devices and optical devices that meet every need of customers.
Quartz crystal blank
Quartz Crystal Blank
One of the indispensable electric devices for portable and hand-held equipment such as watches, mobile phones, and IT products.
Quartz Crystal / Oscillator
Quartz Crystal / Oscillator
It plays an important role in a wide range of industrial fields such as communication and information, OA, home appliances and automotive industries.
Ferroelectric Micro LCDs
Ferroelectric Micro LCDs
Achieves three-times higher resolution than TFT, by taking advantage of fast response of ferroelectric liquid crystal.
Electronic viewfinder
Electronic Viewfinders
The originally developed cathode-ray tube makes products smaller, lighter, higher resolution and lower power consumption than ever before.
Optical communication device components
Optical Communication Device Components
The optical communication components which are produced by our boasted moulding technology of ceramics and precise polishing technology.
High performance and usability of products in near-net-shape by super-precision molding technology.
Bearing jewels
Bearing Jewels
High quality, highly reliable bearing jewels achieved by the technology and know-how based on the 50-year production experience.
Ceramic parts
Ceramic Parts
Ceramic products with submicron precision through unique forming and finishing technology.
Thin-film submount
Thin-film Submount
For growing demand of optical module, we meet the needs through a wide range of knowledge and technology.
Combustion pressure
Combustion Pressure Sensor
By dramatic price reduction, it becomes possible to equip in engines of mass-produced cars.
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