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Quartz Crystal / Oscillator

In order to use the product correctly

This page aims at the handling of the crystal made by Citizen product and it aims to understand correctly, to prevent the trouble occurring when using it, and to improve the reliability of the machine used.

1. Handling Precautions crystal oscillator

I. When dropping it by mistake <Quartz crystal all product commonness>

Crystal oscillator to vibration and shock, and designed to meet the standards of the request, but we manufacture, such as excessive impact when someone accidentally dropped on the floor is not used as in, please make sure your performance on the check.

II. When soldering <If the through-hole mounting type>

1. When soldering lead wire, iron tip temperature 380 ℃ below, please take 3 seconds or less.
2. For implementation of soldering, please make the following soldering within 10 seconds 260℃. In addition, the crystal is recommended that you stand on the board while soldering.
Also, when soldering to the board next to the crystal, please try to convey heat to the entire crystal.
3. When heat is applied across the crystal (such as reflow oven for example) is very small cage, and because the injection method of soldering, it may significantly degrade performance, avoid using Please.

<Surface mounting (SMD) type>

1. For the lead solder
For the lead solder
2. For the lead-free soldering
For the lead-free soldering

III. When you bend the lead wire <cylinder type>

1. Please (3.0mm recommendation) separate, and bend it as much as possible with a treatment device when it lays in the substrate of the crystal oscillator and it installs it. Please avoid bending it directly from the lead wire root.
2. Please do not shave off the solder plating of the lead wire when you bend the lead wire of the crystal oscillator.

IV. When mounting on the substrate <cylinder type>

1. The performance might be remarkably deteriorated and avoid fixing the head of the sealing tube with solder, please. We will recommend fixing with the rubber-based adhesive when fixing.

Lead forming by hand when you do the following please

  • Hand with a sealed tube
  • With fine forceps and bending.
    0.5mm position is bending over, bent by hand and if you get into that work, with minimal possible that the 3.0mm hermetically recommended that bend over the place.
  • 90 degree bend while holding the lead with tweezers.
    At this time, please note that you do not have enough pull to lead.

<Surface Mount (SMD) type>

When using an automatic mounting machine, the implementation of the testing machine using the pre-implementation, please ensure that properties are not affected. If you want to fairly implement this process the board after board sled occur, please be careful not to affect the product characteristics and soldering conditions sled.

V. When you wash <common crystal units all products>

1. For ultrasonic cleaning it may be destroyed by the crystal oscillator terms of use, please make sure that wash your criteria construed as confirmed before being used.
2. Before washing in your washing also be used, construed as a check please.

2. Handling notes of crystal oscillator

I. When dropping it by mistake

Please refer to handling notes 1 of the crystal oscillator.

II. When soldering

Please put it by either within three seconds from 260 to within 10 seconds or 380℃ or less when soldering. As for the example of the reflow condition, they are handling notes 1 of the crystal oscillator . Please refer to <SMD type>

III. When washing it

1. There is a possibility that the crystal oscillator is destroyed by use conditions about the ultrasonic cleansing, and confirm it, please under your washing condition before it is used.
2. Please confirm it with your cleaning solution before the cleaning solution is used.

IV. When mounting on the substrate

Please it causes the malfunction and destruction when mounting on the opposite direction, and confirm, and mount the direction.
Using the automatic mounting machine must use the model with few impacts after confirming there is no damage.

V. Thermal shock

Please avoid the repetition of a rapid temperature change so that there is a possibility of causing built-in deterioration in the crystal oscillator and the wire disconnection in the package.

VI. Static electricity

IC might be destroyed when excessive static electricity joins, and packing and the transporting vessel must use the one of electro conductive. Moreover, please take the earth in the soldering iron and the measuring circuit, etc. when you work by using the one without high voltage Leak.

VII. Noise

A latch-up phenomenon and a spurious phenomenon might be caused when an excessive outpatient noise is impressed to the power supply and the input terminal, and it cause the miss-operation. Moreover, please do not put the one to generate a high noise near this oscillator.

VIII. Power supply line

Please supply impedance designed to be as low as possible. Oscillator supply pin for stable operation (VDD pin and GND pins), preferably in close proximity, 0.01μF ~ Please attach a bypass around 0.1μF. Supply line (VDD, GND), please have short, thick wire.

IX. Output line

Line impedance and the output reduction, for reduction of electromagnetic radiation width, output load, please implement the oscillator near as possible.

X. Input line

Please connect OE with VDD though the pull-up on the inside when it uses by low impedance as a noise measures or it is not used.

3. Common handling notes to all products

I. When keeping it

Keeping in the place of a long-term high temperature and humidity causes deterioration in the frequency accuracy and the deterioration of soldering, and keep it in the place where the dewfall is not generated by the normal temperature and the normal humidity that direct sunshine doesn't strike, please.
Preservation period within half a year as much as possible, please.

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