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Corporate History

  • Initiation of the business
  • 2000~
  • Lineage tree
1959 Miyota Precision Co., Ltd. Established as an assemblimg company for wristwatches
1960 Wristwatch assembly started
1963 Cimeo Precision Co., Ltd. (Later Citizen Finetech Co., Ltd.) established as a production company for wristwatch bearing jewels
1973 Production for stepping motor magnet for wristwatch started
1974 Production of electronic wristwatches started
1975 Tuning fork type crystal chips production started
1976 Crystal oscillater production started
Automated assembly of wristwatches started
1977 Production of quartz oscillator wristwatches started
1978 Production of wristwatch bearing using ceramic materials started
1982 Production of high-frequency crystal blank production started.
1985 Production of cathode ray tubes for viewfinders started
Optical low pass filter production started.
1986 Electronic viewfinders production started
Optical prisms production started.
1987 Production of ferrule for optical communications started
1989 Viewfinder cathode production started
Production of split type sleeves for optical communications started
1990 Established Most Crown Industries Limited in Hong Kong.
1991 Renamed to Miyota Co., Ltd.
1992 Production of cathode parts for cathode-ray tube started
1993 Resinous bonded magnets production started.
1994 Established Harvestine Company Limited in Hong Kong.
1995 Established Kitamimaki Works.
  • Initiation of the business
  • 2000~
  • Lineage tree